July Sales Stalking

For many, July is also a month many consumers shop sales. But for me, it’s a sport called “clearance sales stalking” where I literally and physically spend time stalking/shopping for “further reductions” at my favorite retail stores.

I take this opportunity to stock up on my family’s seasonal clothes (spring/summer and fall/winter)—especially the kid’s clothes. Which reminds me, I need to start shopping ‘Back-to-school’ wear now, while the sales are good! For me, sale stalking, takes time and it’s an emotional investment—but in the end all the time spent hunting down good sales is so worth it when I see how much money I haved saved!
Just this weekend, I went into Forever XXI and discovered that clearance merchandise was at an additional 30% off the last ticketed price. I don’t call clearance merchandise “an irresistible bargain” for nothing.
My immediate primal impulse was to check out each and every sale rack until I found all the fashionable summer items  I needed to update my wardrobe. The sales girl offered me one of their humongous mesh shopping tote bags which I practically stuffed to the rim with over 20 items of clothing from sorbet colored skinny pants, sheer tank tops, blouses, skirts and shorts.
One thing I’ve always experienced at Forever XXI is the ratio of hit and miss items. Out of the 20+ items I tried on, I only ended up purchasing a total of 4 pieces—2 tops $9.79 each and 2 denim shorts ($7.69 & $11.89)

I have been coveting yellow citrine tops and denim shorts all summer long, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I’m not sure which is more blissful—getting a coveted item or getting a discount? What do you think?
Thank you for reading my post.
Angie (aka: rubyangel711

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