No More Makeup Mess

Yippee!!! Yesterday, our friendly-neighborhood FedEx man made me the happiest girl on the block…he delivered my most anticipated MUJI acrylic 5 drawer storage unit!

As soon as I carefully ripped open the packaging (picture a squealing kid opening presents on Christmas Day), I immediately ran for the bathroom and pulled out my entire heap of makeup from the closet. I realized just as I was separating the heap, that I would DEFINITELY require MORE of these acrylic drawer units. There was just NO WAY I could fit them all into this one beautiful storage unit. I was only able to store about a third of my makeup stash into this drawer unit. Note to self: order 2 or 3 more MUJI  drawer units.


I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my Muji drawers because their best feature is that they are transparent, allowing you to see at a glance everything inside of them (no more forgetting-about-makeup-products-you-actually-own syndrome—which i have suffered from for too long) and they are extremely sturdy & durable. Another positive feature is that they have a clean, modern and simple design look to them, so they can pretty much compliment any decor (I’m almost tempted to showcase them in our hallway! hee, hee)

Instead of knobs to pull out the drawers they have a little cleft for your finger to go through to pull it out—which slides in and out so easily.  They come in single, double and triple drawer units (in different sizes too). They also come in deeper drawer units so you can fit larger items and what’s great is that they are stackable, so you can build your unit to your heart’s desire.

Here’s how I decided to organize my drawer unit:



The quality and price of these units is outstanding. I only paid $27.95 USD for this unit. So much more reasonable & gratifying than spending $300 a unit for the famous Kardashian Clearcube.

Once I get more of these drawer units, I’ll follow up with an update and I’ll integrate my other poor little left behind pieces of makeup and reorganize them to look even more enticing , enough to maybe even tempt everyone to also order these drawers:)

Et voilà! Here is the final look (I added a separate acrylic tray and holder which I purchased at Winner’s for my lipsticks/lipglosses) on top of the Muji 5 drawer unit.


So if you’re on the hunt for makeup storage, Muji will not disappoint!

If you are interested in purchasing the units, here is the link

Thank you for reading my blog.

What’s your favorite makeup storage system? Are you lusting for these too?
Have I tempted you to make a purchase?😉


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