Sweet Feet Jelly Treats

Sweet Feet Jelly Treats


Took a walk down memory lane with my 7 year old daughter yesterday as we were shopping at GAP KIDS. She plopped herself in front of a wall of brightly colored jelly sandals and begged me to get her some new ones. Her reasoning: her current jellies (which I also bought last year from GAP KIDS) were B-O-R-I-N-G and outdated, plus they were starting to feel tight on her.

Every year I’ve always counted on GAP KIDS to come up with the newest and most fun crop of kid’s jellies and this year’s crop was no exception. The colors reminded me of gummy bears (my favorite movie theatre snack, along with extra-buttered popcorn).

I was instantly reminded of my young girly days of summer jellies. We didn’t have much variety and styles back then, but from what i recall, they looked like this:


And now the jelly sandal styles are endless: from butterflies, to flowers to even ribbons. I ended up buying her two really cute pairs.


I couldn’t help but be a little jealous that she had two new chic pairs of jellies. And was wishing they came in my size! Anyways, as the afternoon of shopping  wore on, we ended up at Hudson’s Bay (or The Bay for short, one of my favorite department stores). My timing couldn’t be more perfect because all summer shoes were reduced from up to 70% off , plus an ADDITIONAL 30% off. I was busy checking out some platform sandals, when out of the blue my daughter yelled out: “Mommy look!!! JELLIES!!!” And sure enough, lo and behold, there was a rack of women’s jelly sandals! It was love at first sight.

I ended up getting 2 pairs of coral & black jellies in a super-chic-simplified-gladiator-style. I was overwhelmed by the quality and comfort, and the bonus was the price at $20 (regular price was $48). It was meant to be:)


The sandals are made in Brazil and the brand is called Mel. I checked its online site and found out that it is made of Melflex plastic which is 100% recyclable:) The company is  “Vegan friendly, recyclable with a subtle scent, and proving that fashion can be thoughtful”. And that “subtle scent” is actually a bubblegum aroma! Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane. LOVE it! 😍

If you are interested in checking out the website, here is the link:

Thank you for reading my blog.
Did you wear jellies as a child? What’s your favorite jelly style? Are you lusting for these too? Have I tempted you to make a purchase?😉


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