Hair for All Seasons: Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Cream

When it comes to day cream, I never leave home or more importantly, never get ready without it. Without it, my skin does not function properly–kinda like me without my first morning cup of coffee:)

It’s the first boost of hydrating energy my face needs in order for it to protect and take on everyday environmental elements and prep my face of all the makeup I pack onto it, especially since the majority of the time my face is working overtime, like 10+ hour days of trying to maintain a fresh faced, naturally healthy look.

Now, as important as my facial day cream is to me, so is my Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Cream. It’s my super duper, genuine “day cream” for HAIR, which packs a serious punch of unique combinations of “7 plant extracts, selected for their hydrating, protective, and replenishing properties (calendula, sage, burdock, willow, soybean, rosemary and mallow)”


It’s creamy, non-greasy formula works to maintain optimum moisture levels, and leaves my hair totally hydrated and  regenerated.


This stuff is  just holy grail amazing! As soon has you apply a pea-size amount to your hair, it will visibly look smooth, soft and shiny. It literally works on contact. I’ve been using this DAILY for the past 2 months and my dry, course hair has been left feeling supple, full of body and boosting a gorgeous shine without feeling greasy or weighed down. It’s done everything from combat my frizzy moments, and static to prevent split ends.

What I also love about this hair day cream is that it can be used on towel-dried hair (no need to rinse) and completely dry hair, just like a leave-in conditioner. I also use it on my daughter’s towel-dried hair as a detangling cream. Gives your hair all the TLC it needs:)

Thank you for reading my blog. 😉

What’s your favorite multi-purpose hair product?


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