Crushing on Cover FX

I’ll admit, I’ve got a soft spot for products that work as hard as I do. And this soft spot is targeted to my Cover FX makeup essentials. Quick history recap:  Cover FX is an all Canadian company created by Lee Graff & Jenny Frankel whose original main purpose was to help burn victims and patients with skin disorders achieve flawless skin with superior products and formulations. Today, the Cover FX mission still remains true it’s goal: “to  create makeup products that help you look your best while actually improving your skin over time. With over 25 inclusive foundation shades, their unique formulas provide a precise match, based on your undertone, for skin of all ethnicities“. The foundation does a pretty good job of covering minor skin imperfections like acne, redness, scarring, etc…


I purchased these amazing little superstars early this spring at our friendly neighborhood Shoppers Drug Mart during a 50% off promo. According to the BeautyBoutique Expert,  the reason for the promo was because the brand was in the midst of a full revamp of their packaging, so they were clearing out the current to make room for the new. Here’s a link to their website for a peek at their new looks and what great products they offer:


The Natural FX Water Based Foundation SPF 15 has a thick creamy formula and provides medium to full coverage. With its rich and heavily pigmented formula, all you need is a tiny amount, because seriously, a little goes a long way with this winner to achieve flawless skin.

The Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer was for me, a little bit of a turn-off at first because of its orangey-tannish shade it spewed out when I first gave it an initial go. I thought that the BeautyBoutique ‘expert’ who suggested my color match in Light Medium, was questionably NOT in her right mind. But when I started blending away with my Cover FX Layering Brush 120, I immediately noticed that it was transforming and adapting to my skin tone!


Turns out that the formula “contains unique self-adjusting pigments that evolve upon gentle blending to offer a custom color correcting tone and provides opaque, water-resistant stay-put coverage” Wow, who knew? This little multi-tasker does what camouflage should do like camouflage the undereye area, blemishes, covers redness and evens out skin tone around dark pigmented areas. Super pigmented yet lightweight, all you need is just one dot for the entire eye area. This natural-looking cream provides a smooth velvet finish too.


But the most important key step before taking on any of the above products is to ensure the skin is fully prepped (exfoliated, moisturized and primed) before applying the foundation or concealer on your face, because it can be drying at times (my skin has been known to misbehave by flaking and dry patching from time to time). The Cover FX Prep products are my foolproof skin prepper essentials. Here’s a quick breakdown of my 3 little preppers:


Eye FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer
– this little gem is a workhorse, and double duties as a silicone-free primer AND moisturizer for the eye area.  Every morning I apply it to soothe, hydrate, reduce puffiness and strengthen the eye dermal area. Upon contact, it seriously sinks into the skin and plumps it up! I used to suffer from dry flaky skin around my orbital area, but no more!
– As a primer, it smoothes out and binds the concealer and eyeshadow to your lids and eye area for a long lasting color-true wear.

Cover FX Matte Foundation Primer & Anti-Acne Gel
– a light-weight water resistant gel, anti-shine primer that mattifies the skin and reduces the look of fine lines for normal to oily skin. It also helps to heal and prevent acne blemishes. Gives skin a smooth flawless finish. Feels really cooling to the skin when applied.

Cover FX Brightening Foundation Primer
– true to it’s name, it acts as a brightening foundation primer by using instant skin brightening effects to blur lines and minimize pores. Gives skin a dewy finished look. Photo-Aging defense helps protect skin from visible signs of photo-aging. My favorite primer so far!


I’ve perfected two ways in getting optimal results with the Natural FX Water Based Foundation based on my skin’s needs. On oily days, I will prime my face with the Cover FX Matte Foundation Primer & Anti-Acne Gel and then apply the foundation by very lightly dampening my Cover FX Cream Foundation brush 160 with a light spray of Evian Facial Water Spray and blend, blend, blend away!


On my drier skin days, it’s moisturize, then prime with Cover FX Brightening Foundation Primer, and then foundation is applied with my trusty Cover FX Foundation brush 130.


The Cover FX Matte Setting Powder rounds off the collection as as an oil-absorbing loose powder that helps to set your foundation and minimize shine. Now I’m ready for the world!


*le sigh* Oh, Cover FX, you had me at “hello” 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog : – )

Have you tried any Cover FX products?


2 thoughts on “Crushing on Cover FX

    • I would definitely highly recommend both foundation brushes #130 & #160. They make applying foundation a breeze and give a flawless finish end result. They are my two favorite superstars from my entire brush collection😍.

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