Have Perfume; will Travalo

Alright, two things about me when it comes to traveling: I’m pretty much a girlie-girl and I tend to bring everything with me but the kitchen sink.

Now in regards to my inner girlie-girliness—I don’t like to consider myself high-maintenance, but whenever I travel, I start stressing over the difficulties in getting all of my products into the required bottle sizes for TSA.

To further complicate my lovely travels—as previously mentioned I’m the one who carries around everything but the kitchen sink. Regardless of what size handbag or suitcase I’ve got, I manage to (without failure) to generously overpack and stuff it to it’s limits like there’s no tomorrow.

The handbag issue is something I’ve always struggled with over the years when my fetish for handbags actually first surfaced when i was like 5 years old (no joke, my mother told me that my uncle took me shopping and bought me my first little purse at 5 and after that I became obsessed with carrying it around with me everywhere, and of course stuffed with all my important must-haves at the time; like my collection of seashells, mom’s pearls, and my dad’s Paco Rabanne cologne…etc). Funny how I can still remember what I carried in my purse:)

Toting around a smaller handbag, doesn’t necessarily equate to me carrying around less as I have a compulsive nature to stuff my handbags.  I’m always trying to find “travel-size” versions of the items I consider to be ‘don’t-leave home-without-its’ and must-haves. From reducing my entire lipgloss palette to a single touch up lipgloss or carrying one lipstick and one lip liner instead of a cornucopia of makeup supplies or a couple of cotton swabs enough to last for how many days I’ll be away versus an entire box of 400 units of Q-tips cotton swabs.  With that, to my purse’s dismay—I was known to lug around an entire full-sized bottle of perfume or body spray in my purse.

Long before, one of my on-going travel issues was always perfume.  How do you transport it?!  I used to ask for samples whenever I was at a beauty counter or Sephora, but  eventually I got to travel more than I got samples.


So imagine my pure and utter delight when the Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer (official site http://www.travalo.com/) was introduced. My dream perfume-travel-companion come true!


My best friend for the last couple of years, the Travalo is a travel friendly mini refillable perfume atomizer the size of my index finger or a small bullet shaped tube of lipstick. It’s lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body comes in several metallic color choices and prints.


These little things are a lifesaver! I bought 3 of them, but then my daughter ended up taking one, followed by my mother. So now I’m left with only ONE which resides permanently in my purse.

It’s so easy:
– Prepare the perfume of your choice and remove the cap.


– Gently pull the spray nozzle off the top of the perfume bottle and place to the side.


– There’s a tiny hole at the bottom of the tube; Line the bottom of the Travalo up with the top of the perfume bottle.


– Pump the Travolo up and down several times (you will see the perfume level rise from the window on the side). several pumps later, you’ve got approximately .13 oz of perfume in the tube. Holds about 50 sprays


– Ta-da! Your perfume is ready for travel & spray!


– Airport-friendly
– Eco-friendly (98% recyclable)
– Lasts up to 50 sprays.
– Both genders can use this as they have amazing colors.
– It has a clear window to gauge level of perfume or whether it’s time for a refill.
– Made from light and sturdy aircraft grade aluminum
– Costs around $12.95 CAD

The Travalo website offers optimal methods of cleaning:  (http://www.travalo.com/?option=com_moofaq&view=article&id=109:kann-ich-mein-travalo-reinigen&catid=42:travalo-perfume-atomiser-faq&Itemid=177)
1) Spray all your perfume out then fill it with new perfume and the old
smell fades within about 3-4 sprays.

2) Or use a small plastic travel spray bottle (normally found in travel
section of stores) that has a nozzle compatible with Travalo. Fill this with water and put through Travalo and spray out.

Travalo has also come out with a Rollerball version…can’t wait to try this one!

Thanks for reading my blog : – )

What’s your your favorite travel-go-to product?


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