Love My Sheer Tinted Lipgloss


A light stroke of rosy, peachy or nude gloss on your mouth can brighten your whole face and add fullness to your lips. Unlike dark lipstick, which can sometimes be ageing, a light translucent hue is pretty and youthful (without being teenybopperish). It looks fresh and appropriate day or night, weekend or workday. Best of all, it’s so easy—because come on ladies, who wants to waste precious time applying serious makeup when there’s a beautiful summer’s day to enjoy?


It’s a gorgeous, super hot 32 ºC (89.6 ºF) day out today😅 We’re off to the BEACH! Have a great day everyone!!!

Thanks for reading my blog : – )

What are your favorite all-round lipglosses?


4 thoughts on “Love My Sheer Tinted Lipgloss

  1. All of these glosses puts a smile on my face! =) My all time favorite sheer pink gloss was from the company Fresh Cosmetics, but they discontinued it!! It was a lip shine not gloss called Wallflower, and the color was so perfect. Sadly, I have no idea if they will ever bring it back. Till then, I use a MAC tinted lip gloss called Petting Pink =)

    • Don’t you just hate it when a fave product becomes discontinued? It’s just so heartbreaking to me. The lipgloss from Fresh sounds divine. Haven’t tried MAC Petting Pink–I’ll check it out😉

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