The Serial Sunglasses Shopper

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a tad bit obsessed with sunglasses—a staple fashion accessory I just can’t live without.  Every year, I accumulate at least half a dozen or more pairs of sunglasses throughout the seasons, which are seriously multiplying like rabbits in my special “sunnies” drawer.

I love to shop at Winner’s for them, because they carry such a wide selection of brands at such low prices. The majority of my “sunnies” actually come from Winner’s. Here are one of my latest sunglasses finds which only cost me $14.99! Love!



One of my favourite fashion muses, Nicole Richie, is one celebrity who’s look always rocks in the sunglasses department. She has even admitted that the majority of her sunnies were incredibly cheap. Your sunglasses should change as much as your shoes, so it’s frivolous to over invest in something you can find for such low prices. Don’t you agree?

Here are some of my favourite celebrity sunglasses sightings:)

Image  Image



Thanks for reading my blog: -)

What are your favourite style of sunglasses?


5 thoughts on “The Serial Sunglasses Shopper

  1. Those aviators look great on you. Sadly I dont think sunglasses are worth the investment, summer in England only lasts a few months!

    My favourite styles are anything big and round, Wayfarers or cat eye ones 🙂

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