Michael Kors Fall 2013: Head-to-toe Drool-Worthy Accessories


*S-i-g-h*… When I first laid my eyes on this Michael Kors 2013 Fall ad—it was “lust at first sight.”

Leave it to Michael Kors to take a simple casual everyday look and transform it to complete chic-ness with just the right luxury accessories.

One of the reasons why fall is a great season for fashion is that you can wear your favorite: scarf, sweater, jeans, coat, boots, jewelry and gloves ALL at one given time.

Compared to the summer season when we dress with as few layers as possible to stay cool, fall is actually a time to wear your best layering pieces and accessories.

And this head-to-toe Michael Kors ensemble, is just what I’m talkin’ about when it comes to elevating your wardrobe to a whole new level of luxury casual-chic by just layering with up-to-the-minute accessories.

Thanks for reading my blog 😊

Are you ready for Fall?


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