Essence Gel Eyeliner: My new GBF (girl’s best friend)

Ever since I reorganized my eye makeup a several of days ago (thanks to my MUJI acrylic storage unit), it’s opened my eyes to a handful of products I had totally forgotten about.


Enter, Essence Gel Eyeliner in color 01 Midnight in Paris. Essence labels it as a waterproof, high precision gel eyeliner.


I picked it up about 3 months ago at Shoppers Drug Mart for less than $4 and literally used it once or twice and then stashed it away because I went back to using an pencil eyeliner (for convenience). So I never really gave it a chance to prove itself. Boy, did I really miss out!

I’m not a big fan of gel eyeliner but now after using it everyday for one week straight, I actually LOVE this one! Most eyeliners smudge on me—regardless of the formula, whether it’s a pencil, a gel, or liquid, it doesn’t last long on my combination/oily skin. It’ll usually smudge or even melt at the corner of my eyes sometimes or even creep around my lower lashes/upper eyelids. I’m constantly touching up throughout the day.

So far, this stuff has proven to be long-lasting and budge-proof (YAY!). I find it better than the Maybelline gel liner or even better than my long trusted friend, Stila Smudge Pot because it doesn’t transfer to my eyelids or melt away. It’s actually lasted over 5 hours on me, still looking as perfect as it was when I first applied it and it’s easy to take off with makeup remover.

Although, the colour Midnight in Paris is a nice, pigmented dark black—I have to say I don’t think this is the blackest gel liner out there because it takes a couple of strokes to make it 100% truly opaque.


The texture of this is easy to apply, dries fairly quickly, smooth and creamy, yet has a slightly light fluffy texture reminiscent of a mousse or whipped cream-like consistency.


It takes the tiniest bit of product to line your entire eye so the pot will last you a very long time. It’s now become a definite staple amongst my eye makeup essentials. For the amazing price and good quality, I’m heading back for more colors!😍

Thanks for reading my blog 😊

What’s your fave gel eyeliner?


5 thoughts on “Essence Gel Eyeliner: My new GBF (girl’s best friend)

  1. We don’t have this brand in the UK but the best gel eyeliner by far for me has to be e.l.f’s Studio cream eyeliner in ‘Black’. The other colours are pigmented badly but the black one is even better than Maybelline or Calvin Klein! Tried and tested.

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