No Time, No Makeup

As a crazed beauty junkie—I do love me my makeup. But sometimes, on days like today (my kids’ first day back-to-school), I have no option but to go for the ‘au naturel’ look because of time constraints.

Between getting kids up, dressed, breakfast, lunches packed and ready for their first day back to juggling a teething-drooling-cranky-8-month-old, mornings like these don’t allow for my usual makeup routine.

So it’s a brush teeth-wash/cleanse/tone face-sunscreen tinted moisturizer-lip balm-messy bun hair kind of day for me.


It’s a refreshing change seeing pics of celebrities when they forgo the face paint once in a while. Check out some of the stars who embrace their natural beauty.




Thanks for reading my blog 😊

What do you think of the ‘sans makeup’ (without makeup) look?


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