Divide & Conquer Your Handbag

If you’re at all like me and you like to tote around big honking hobo-style handbags which I sometimes call “mommy bags”—then you are aware of the domino-effect-like consequences.


For me especially, the consequences of having such a roomy bag entail the major stuffing of the bag. From makeup, to baby bottles, to diapers, to bill statements, to Barbie dolls, to Legos—yup, I tend to stuff my bag with the entire family’s belongings (more like a quick reflex of mine, when I’m out with kids).

The stuffing leads to an unorganized mess,  which then leads to either me cursing and rummaging through the bag—head buried in my purse, frantically plumbing its depths for that ringing cell phone, the misplaced wallet, or my favorite lipstick. Yes, admit it ladies, we’ve all been that woman.

So a month ago I ordered a purse organizer on eBay. And I JUST received it today! I ended up purchasing two of them: one for me and the other for my mother (whom by the way is WORSE at keeping her bag organized, and could desperately use this!)


A compact, and portable little tote-like bag that features multiple pockets to separate and store your belongings. Easily transfers your essentials from handbag to handbag in a snap without anything ever getting left behind again. Allows for easy access  & visibility of all your things!


Now everything is tucked away in it’s own little place. Outside mesh pockets have my cell phone, ear phones, cell phone charger, lipsticks & perfume. Dual zipped side areas have my bills & coupons on one side and my receipts in the other. The main middle compartment has my hand cream, sunglasses, keys, almonds (in case of snack emergencies), eye drops and little change purse.


Cutting the stress of a messy bag doesn’t mean cutting down on essentials. It’s just all about putting everything in its place.

Thanks for reading my blog 😊

How do you keep your bag a mess free zone?


6 thoughts on “Divide & Conquer Your Handbag

    • Haha, that’s funny! Well so far, I’ve had it for a week, and it’s kept me in check which is a good thing. But I’m bound to relapse some day, when I’m in those have-no-time-so-I’ll-just -stuff-my-bag moods😉

  1. Pure genius! What a snazzy little organisation tool. It’s very brave of you to take a photo of your handbag in “Purse chaos” state. Mine currently looks quite similar to that. I always have a little surge of panic that I can’t find something, but then, it’s in there at the bottom in the end :p

    I do like your black handbag as well!

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