The Scarf Factor

This Fall season, our transitional wardrobes are going to be all about layering pieces — with scarves starring as the season’s chicest accessory and a key component to our styling savvy. Like most accessories, similar to the after effect of a wash of red lipstick on the lips—scarves have the magical power to cheer up the most lifeless look.


For me, a highlight of fall fashion is the opportunity to wear a beautiful scarf. This year definitely isn’t a disappointment, as fall fashion trends for scarves are ushering in plenty of color and texture. Choose from your favorite design of knits, faux fur, printed as well as other faddish styles and take accessorizing to the next level.



I spent the last couple of days gathering a collection of my current scarves I’ve purchased over the last several years from storage—that’s ideal for layering with blazers, sweaters, cardigans, coats, and everything in between to add that extra oomph to my Fall ensemble. Here are some of my fave scarves I can’t wait to wear!



Scarves really are the most functional accessory. They are essential when the wind starts to blow, they save us from the cold, can be worn countless ways, and make any outfit come together—or completely change the look of an outfit. I often dress around the scarf I want to wear, donning monochromatic neutral colors and allowing my scarf to take all the attention.



I just LOVE that Fall fashion includes scarves which are both warmly practical and beautiful. What could be better?

Thanks for reading my blog 😊

Do you embrace at least one of the looks above? If so, be prepared to amaze your admirers just by throwing on a scarf as a finishing touch for a fabulous signature and one-of-a-kind outfit!


11 thoughts on “The Scarf Factor

    • Lol, I’m here in Canada. But we too are still experiencing warm weather in the high twenties (degrees celcius). Although the mornings and late evenings are starting to get a little chilly. I celebrated by wearing my first scarf yesterday while walking kids to their school bus😊

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