Stash Treasure Find: MAC Beauty Marked Velvet Eyeshadow

My ‘I ❤️ burgundy’ phase still continues with my little gem of a stash find—MAC’s Velvet Eyeshadow in Beauty Marked.


I’ve actually had this for several years now but have only used it a couple of times for special occasions. It was a love-at-first-sight purchase back then, and now I’m reminded of why I love this unique shade and the awesome effect it gives.


So imagine my delight and exhilaration at rediscovering it yesterday in my own crazy stash of eye makeup. The feeling I got was like the feeling I get when I make a beauty related purchase—a beauty rush high.

At first inspection it is a deep blackened burgundy color with a sparkle/twilight effect.  As is evident from the below image, it is an extremely pigmented shade.


When I put it on it blends out on the eye into a deep blackberry color, and completley matte. No more shimmer (maybe a couple of sporadic burgundy flecks here and there), but it’s pretty much black.


And even though it isn’t purely just black, it is awesome for a smokey effect. It’s perfect for pairing with burgundy-plums (my favorite) or creating a “smokey plum” look. The texture, however, isn’t the best. It’s just not as smooth as other MAC eyeshadows are and needs a little more TLC to blend. But the color pay-off is good. You hardly need much product for maximum color.

Besides the full on smokey eye look, I like to mainly use this as a dramatic crease or in the outer V corner to smoke out my eyeshadows and for smudging out my eyeliners. Since this is almost matte black I like to also apply it as an eyeliner. I apply it with an eyeliner brush and I get a precise line that doesn’t budge.

Overall I do like it, you just have to take the time to play around with it a little bit, and find what works for you.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you tried this MAC eyeshadow shade?


17 thoughts on “Stash Treasure Find: MAC Beauty Marked Velvet Eyeshadow

  1. Hey there! This is a great color, it is a good alternative to black. MAC has been my go-to for eye makeup but I normally stay with what I know so thanks for the suggestion. I would love to see you do a tutorial or show the ways you explained how it can be used. xo

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