My Best Friend’s TJ Maxx & Kohl’s Haul!

Shopaholics are people who love to shop and are in fact obsessed with the act of shopping. And here are two such people:


I’m dedicating today’s post to my best friend and shopaholic-partner-in-crime Sharon. We are yin and yang to each other’s shopaholic tendencies.

It’s been said that shopping is the best therapy for best friends. You’ll never hear any complaints from us. Here are some small indicators that we are shopaholics (this pertains to either one of us, but since this post is really about her, I’ll refer to her shopping habits):

1. She’ll take 30 minutes to choose her required item and end up taking another hour choosing something she doesn’t require from another shop or department. “Wait…I just want to check out that department and then I’ll meet you in the changeroom!” It’s never going to be that 30 minutes of choosing just a top or jeans and that’s it. She’s sure to be back home with something else.

2. As bargain hunting shopaholics we like to tell everyone about all the great deals we get. We just get a high off of buying things at a good price, and so we buy a LOT of things at good prices, and so goes the problem…Our text messages usually go like this: “Just bought the most amazing jacket and it ONLY cost $X amount!” or “OMG, just came from Winner’s!….” or we exchange phone pics of items bought so we can drool over one another’s prized purchases. Sound familiar?

Sharon recently went cross-border shopping in the States and shopped like a mad woman at TJ Maxx & Kohl’s. She sent me pics of her most enviable haul—every item was under $25!






We rely on each other’s dedicated fashionability to feed one another of any bargain news we come across. Not only that she is my soul sister. We’ve been through a lot together throughout our cherished friendship and I plan to continue our shopping adventures together with her until we’re old and grey and sporting the latest polyester print blouse & matching poly-pull-on-pant sensation.

One last thought of my lovely friend Sharon:

I remember I had just moved to a new place and Sharon came furniture shopping with me to help pick out some pieces. Our two minds power shopped like crazy and at the end I had everything picked out from bed frame, leather couch, to tv unit. I stood there thinking how my best friend and I have shopped “together” like this for many years. Able to wander into different departments and answer the other’s request for advice or give it unsolicited without offense.  She was eyeing a gorgeous floor lamp I turned to her and said “Your husband will kill you if you go home with another table lamp.” She cooly took it in stride, called her husband on her cell phone, made her case, and bought the floor lamp.😉

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Do you have any shopping adventures to share?


10 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s TJ Maxx & Kohl’s Haul!

  1. I love this story!!
    I remember shopping with you guys at Winners and Sharon’s famous were “are you guys freaking out over their shoes?! Cause I am!!”
    You should post those modeling pictures, you know with the white sheet as a background!!😉

    • Awww, Bambi!!! So sweet of you to drop by and visit. LOL, Sharon is a hoot to shop with. We just go around in an endless circle like 2 chickens with their heads cut off! Not ready yet to show the world our amateur modeling pics. For our eyes only😉

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