Stash Treasure Trove Find: MAC Black Tied Velvet Eyeshadow

My treasure trove of MAC eyeshadows continues with yesterday’s stash find and EOTD: MAC’s Black Tied Velvet Eyeshadow. 


I decided to do this follow up since I’ve had it as long as I’ve had my MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow (review here) because I bought both of them at the same time. 

MAC Black Tied eyeshadow is a beautiful velvety, shimmery, intense blackish-darkish-graphite-grey eyeshadow that also contains fine silvery flecks of glitter. 


When you look at it in the pan, you may jump to the conclusion that MAC Black Tied eyeshadow will be too dark for you to wear or that the sparkles will make you look overly made up, or that the sparkles will fall as you wear it and transfer or creep down to your cheeks. However, do not be afraid. None of those things will happen. At least through my own experiences, it hasn’t happened to me (yet). 

I occasionally pull out Black Tied mostly for going out to parties, or evenings out. And I wear it a little darker for special night outs by packing it lightly onto the eyelid area until I’ve built up the desired intensity. Just like I’ve swatched below on my arm. 


TIP*** If you want the sparkles to show up more intensely, then make sure you have a damp brush. I find the best way to do this is to load up the brush with shadow, then use a squirt of water in a spray bottle onto the loaded up brush. This prevents the shadow pan from getting ruined and gloopey. 

Although the sparkles can be clearly seen when viewing MAC Black Tied eyeshadow in the pan, the sparkles seem to disappear and just create a subtle shimmer instead of a frost to this eyeshadow when worn and blended out. 

I find MAC Black Tied eyeshadow to be workable for me as both my go-to shadow for darkening my outer V and also as a liner for my upper/lower lids. 


I wear it both ways in the daytime where it results in a simple, polished look (as shown above), and out in the evening when I want a more dramatic or sparkly smoky look.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you tried this MAC eyeshadow shade or do you know of a dupe to this?


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