Stash Treasure Trove Find: Bobbi Brown Matte Stain for Lips in Desert Clay

I came across my treasured Bobbi Brown matte lip stain in my makeup stash yesterday, as I was rummaging through my lippie product drawer while in search of a nudish lip color.


I was flooded with fond memories of how I used this literally everyday when I first purchased it, because I couldn’t get enough of it at one point. As you can see below, it’s been well loved and adored.


The color is a foolproof nude for those with medium skin like me and translates on me as a tawny-earthy deep pinky-rose shade or it’s also been described as a suedy-rose shade. Either way it’s actually the perfect match to my natural lip color and it complements my skin amazingly and brings out the color in my lips in a good way. The shade is versatile and fits in with many different looks since it’s so natural.

I love the adorable compact packaging—it’s a little bit bigger than the size of MAC’s single eyeshadow with lid. It’s encased in a small round fliptop compact with a handy but small mirror under the lid. Although it comes in this tiny size of 0.5 oz, the super pigmented formula pays off big-time because a tiny bit, truly goes a long way! I’m definitely reusing this cute container for something (not quite sure for what, but I’m sure it will come to me!)


The best thing about this matte lip stain, is that it doesn’t feel like any matte lip stain product I have ever used. The texture is truly unique. The smooth, lightweight, creamy texture applies evenly with a lipbrush or even with your fingertips. The matte lip stain finish has reasonable staining staying power; makes my lips look colored but not coated with lipcolor.

It actually reminds me of those cream-to-powder foundations where it’s creamy when you put it on but dries to a powdery finish. And it isn’t the least bit as drying as it sounds. It feels like it melts to a light, nothing finish on your lips. My lips still feel moisturized after a full day of wear without any major fading. Truly pure comfort and pleasure.

I apply it with my fingertip to achieve more of a “stained” look. Sometimes I use it as a base beneath lip gloss and its wonderful. After the gloss has faded off I still have some color to my lips—like a flushed cheek, except in this case, a flushed lip. Bonus points for the fact that this lip stain allows you to kiss someone without making them look like a greased-up clown afterwards—tried and tested.

My only gripe is that this product is now discontinued (sniff-sniff). 😢 From the looks of my lip pot, I probably have a couple more months left of use—and then I’m off to the Bobbi Brown counter for hopefully a worthy replacement.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you tried this BB lip stain? What is your favorite lip stain brand?


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