Pretty in Pink

Vera Wang. Her name is synonymous with bridal wedding gowns. Not JUST any bridal gown, but haute couture bridal gowns the world over. During her fall 2014 line-up she shook up the bridal season once again with an all-pink collection, ranging in an array of shades from coral to peony.

Ms Wang was inspired by classic films such as Funny Face, where an entire scene is dedicated to ‘thinking pink’ for summer dresses.


She also looked to Marilyn Monroe’s Schiaparelli pink gown in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for inspiration


And now…here comes the bride, all dressed in…pink!

prettyinpink1   prettyinpink2   prettyinpink3

prettyinpink4   prettyinpink5   prettyinpink6

prettyinpink7   prettyinpink8   prettyinpink9

prettyinpink10   prettyinpink11   prettyinpink12

prettyinpink13   prettyinpink14   prettyinpink15

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Any favourites? Would you prefer it in white or ivory? Or would you go all way and pick pink?


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