TGIF Weekend Shopping Haul

My girlfriend Sharon and I went shopping yesterday. Separately. She shopped at Winner’s. I shopped at Mexx. Although we weren’t physically shopping together—at least we were there for each other in spirit and looking forward to sharing and notifying one another of our adored finds.

Sharon recently jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and is now my side-kick-camera-happy fashionista—out there shopping and snapping away with pics of her purchases for me to look at and go ga-ga over. Here’s what she bought from Winner’s!


Meanwhile, back at the Mexx shop I found a cream/black blouse I really liked, tried it on, loved it, and went to pay. They currently have a sale promo of an additional 40% off reduced items.

I was ready to pay for my blouse, and then the SA tells me that if you purchase more than 1 item, instead of an additional 40%—you get an additional 50% off!!! Now how was I supposed to decline that offer?

So I ended up in the Mexx store for another hour, combing through the sale racks. I ended up getting 3 things!




I think we did some pretty good bargain shopping. What do you think?

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Any of these items catch your eye?


11 thoughts on “TGIF Weekend Shopping Haul

  1. Good buys!!! Love everything you bought!! The cardi reminds me of a pair of pants I saw at winners. They had leather detailing down the sides. Now I’m going to have to go and get them. Lol!

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