Stash Treasure Trove Find: Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry

I dug this out of the mothballs a couple of days ago—it was actually stashed away in an old makeup bag I haven’t used in a long time! Gosh, how could I have forgotten about this one?! I splurged on this a couple of years back at Sephora and am so happy to have reunited with it, now that Fall’s dark lip looks are upon us.


Laura Mercier’s lip stain provides the visual effect of a stain with the comfort and sheen of a lip gloss. The long-term colour with a satin, balmy finish leaves the look of effortless polish and understated sophistication.

It’s actually more like a lipstick in a pot …and a pretty versatile, decently long-lasting one. It is creamy, smooth and pigmented— unlike what you would find with a typical stain.


On the Laura Mercier website, Mulberry is described as a warm “red-plum-brown” shade though the plum/red tone is the most prominent—perfect for the Fall/Winter season. I love that the look of this stain is as at home with jeans and a hoodie as it would be paired with a dramatic eye for evening.

It’s the most gorgeous natural red or what I would describe as a dark red brick tone or even a dark-cranberry, on my lips that I have ever seen. Mulberry creates the perfect daily understated and natural-looking flushed berry-red.


The packaging is very chic, sleek and professional looking. I really do love the container with a wide round glass pot with shimmery brown LM screw-top lid. I also like the jar it comes is not a cheap glass that will break the one or two times you may drop it.


The  glass pot is great, its large enough to use your fingers or a brush and the consistency isn’t goopy so you never end up wasting any product.


The size of the pot is generous and a great value, given the intensity of pigment and also considering that a little goes a long way (still working on my pot that I bought over a year ago!)

Mulberry is a great warm plum-berry-red color in a formula that is versatile and comfortable:  You can tap the stain on lightly with a fingertip as a more sheer wash of colour for a casual day lip, add liner and a bit more of the stain for a polished daytime lip, or use a brush for a thicker layer, almost like a lipstick and gloss for a more dramatic evening look. I even applied this to my cheeks and it gave them a great glow.

Applies very smoothly. You only need a little product to get sufficient color payoff. I just love the way it seems to “sink” into my lips making them appear slightly fuller, lush and even a bit more sultry.


It lasts quite a long time on your lips without being overly dry, although I recommend dabbing a lip balm before applying or just topping with a salve lightly after application.

Very comfortable to wear, and when it wears off, the nice thing is that this fades VERY evenly so you don’t have to worry about having a disgusting dark ring around the edges of your lips or anything like that! My lips still have a hint of pigment. It has a semi-matte finish and I didn’t find it to transfer on anything.

It’s supposed to leave people wondering does she just have naturally beautiful lips or is she wearing color? Mulberry does this and I would certainly buy again (and maybe more colours:)

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you tried any of the Laura Mercier lip stains? What is your favourite lip stain?


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