Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Yesterday morning, marked the official first day of snowfall. Kids and I weren’t too happy about it because Halloween is just around the corner, and the last thing we want is a blizzard on their long-anticipated night of trick-or-treating.


Anyways, back to yesterday morning. It was pandemonium getting them out the door to catch their school bus, because of the snow. I had to rummage around the hallway closet like a mad woman pulling out their winter accessories from storage.

Usually, I’m prepared ahead to time, but we totally were NOT expecting a snow forecast. Well, on a positive note at least I flipped their closets last weekend by storing away their summer wear and replacing their closets and drawers with their fall/winter wardrobes—next department: FOOTWEAR.

So with chillier and snowier weather on the way, I guess it’s not too early to think about winter accessories. Here are some of the season’s coziest warmers from Club Monaco.


~Jamie Striped Snood~

Trending now are lots of texture. It’s all about cuddling up into deliciously tactile, decadently soft toques and scarves in a bounty of styles—plush knits add so much dimension to your look.


~Savannah Cabled Hat~


~Claudia Gusset Leather Glove~


~Colleen Striped Cashmere Hat~

Bundle up and stay chic!

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What’s your favorite winter accessory?


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