Burberry Beauty

In the cosmetic world Burberry is still young, however their trench coat and classic plaid pattern have both paved the way for such an iconic brand—- synonymous with luxury, quality, innovation and timeless style.

The makeup colors fit the classic Burberry palette. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative director, describes the colors of Burberry Beauty, “The colors are taken from the signature Burberry color palette – natural, light, timeless and iconic. We have been inspired by our beautiful stormy, cloudy, misty, hazy skies followed by the gentle glow of the British sun.”

With textures that reflect the lightweight protection of the brand’s iconic trench coat, Burberry Beauty is designed to let your own effortless elegance shine through.

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Have you tried any of the Burberry Beauty products lately?

Burberry Beauty

Burberry face powder

Burberry blush

Burberry face brush
$65 – johnlewis.com

Burberry matte finish foundation
$57 – johnlewis.com

Burberry contour brush
$52 – johnlewis.com

Burberry makeup brush
$52 – johnlewis.com

Burberry blending brush
$52 – johnlewis.com

Burberry face powder
$50 – harrods.com

Burberry concealer
$42 – johnlewis.com

Burberry lengthening mascara
$35 – johnlewis.com

Burberry makeup
$26 – harrods.com

Burberry perfume fragrance

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