All Revved Up for the Moto Trend

The moto-wear trend takes a tough turn this season, and we can’t get enough.


You may think of biker pants as anything skin tight and black. But again, that’s not necessarily so for this fall 2013. Leather motorcycle skinny pants can grab attention just as well in neutral white, olive green, and oxblood tones, with feature zippers.

As with other elements of the bike chic trend it’s all about the detail. Panels, and zips all add to the tough yet ultra-slick and modern feel of the neo biker pant, while other thick, skin-hugging materials like neoprene can also work as an alternative to leather.


Embrace fall’s rebellious side by working these edgy bottom pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Are you a fan of the moto trend jacket/pant?


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