Sweatshirt Love

Popped into Winner’s yesterday, for a quick-shopping-look-see and fell in love—with a sweatshirt, that is. Yeah I know, lately it seems I’ve been harping endlessly about my thing for sweatshirts but this one was a ‘love-at-first-sight’ experience. And when that happens, love makes you do crazy things—like blog about it!

Made of a super-soft sweatshirt fleece, it’s not the typical zip-up-hooded sweatshirt out there—which is generally more of a unisex style. This one was made to look feminine and to appeal to sweatshirt-obsessed women like me.


What I love the most about this particular one is the cascade cardigan front style, the roll-tab sleeves and the cute pouch pockets. Another casual wardrobe addition guaranteed to fast become my go-to sweatshirt cardigan!


Oh, and another reason why I adore it so much is the price—clearanced at $12 (suggested retail price $35). At this price, I wish it came in more colors because I would’ve bought them all!

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Do you have a favorite sweatshirt?


13 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Love

    • I wore it all afternoon today for the first time. It was like being in a flannel PJ top. My 8 yr old daughter commented on how “cool” I looked—she now wants the EXACT one. LOL!😄

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