My Favorite “Soap” du Jour: Marius Fabre Savon Liquide de Marseille


Yesterday, was my son Guillaume’s 6th birthday. And for every birthday, his grandmother from France, whom I lovingly refer to as my “fairy-mother-in-law, sends us care packages. She always sends Guillaume everything his little heart desires, this year it was a LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – The Final Battle set. My son, by the way is obsessed with LEGO, just like his dad. Since the age of 3, my husband introduced our son to the world of LEGO and his collection has been growing since. So between these two LEGO fanatics, my household is surrounded by LEGO pieces, which I am constantly picking up and putting away (usually at times, cursing to myself in my head).


Anyways I digress, back to my post topic. The birthday package included gifts for the entire family, and this time she sent me my favorite soap from Marseille. I unfortunately have been cursed with eczema, and have passed it down to my offspring, so the kids and I go through bouts of eczema flareups from time to time. So skincare products are of the utmost importance when it comes to soaps, cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, etc…


My ‘fairy-mother-in-law’ introduced me to Marius Fabre Soap years ago when we first visited my husband’s family in France in 2006. We’ve been using this soap/liquid soap since then. It is 100% natural, no harsh chemicals and just plain good for our skin!

I thought I would give you a little background on the amazing tidbits of information and reason why I absolutely love Marseille soap so much…Enjoy!

The History of Marseille Soap

– Thanks to its abundant raw materials –  olive oil, soda and salt in Camargue – Provence became, from the Middle Ages onwards, the first soap producing region. Marseille, a hub of commerce, became in the 17th century the main production site of soap in France, followed by Salon-de-Provence, and then by Toulon.

In 1688, Louis XIV laid down, by means of an Edict of Colbert, the rules which institutionalised Marseilles soap: besides the heating in great cauldrons, it was compulsory to use as vegetable oils only pure olive oil. Every animal fat was forbidden. Those who did not obey risked banishment from Provence! This Edict allowed Marseille soap to win the fame which it was never to lose…

History of Marius Fabre Soap


In 1900, barely 22, Marius Fabre founded his soap company in Salon-de-Provence.
He started up in the garden shed, where he set up two cauldrons and a few moulds.

The properties of Marseille soap


In 2010, the Marius Fabre soap company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Today, Marius’ great grand daughters, Marie and Julie Bousquet-Fabre, are perpetuating  this great family adventure with the same passion.

 Philosophy of Marius Fabre Soap

“For over 110 years and through four generations, our family has been trying to keep our ever threatened know-how alive: making true Marseilles soap by conserving the techniques of saponification in cauldrons.

Our secret is the knack passed down through generations, from father to son, then from father to daughter.

Our soap is made using only vegetable oils, especially olive oil. No colorants or synthetic substances are added. This exceptional purity renders it beneficial for the skin and environmental-friendly.”


Genuine Marseille soap is 100% natural, made only from vegetable oils, and especially olive oil, with neither colouring nor synthetic additives. It must contain 72% of oil, which is stamped on each cube of soap.


Its properties come from this exceptional purity :

 Gentle, natural but still effective

– Marius Fabre soap is not harsh for the skin. It is often recommended by the medical profession as an alternative to other modern products which can cause skin problems. It is also recommended for washing delicate fabrics (silk, lace, baby clothes).

Cares for even the most sensitive skin. Recommended by dermatologists for skin that cannot tolerate soap and synthetic cleansing bases.

 Respectful of the environment

Most commercial soaps and shower gels are made from products which are petroleum based or animal products. Marius Fabre soaps and shower gels are based only on vegetable oils : olive, copra, and palm. Containing no phosphates or synthetic substances, they do not pollute rivers thus helping to preserve the environment.


Everytime I open up my bottle of savon liquide de Marseille (liquid soap from Marseille) the intoxicating lavender scent transports me to a lavender field in France…it’s like being in my own “Calgon—take me away” commercial.

Thank you for reading my blog. 😊

What is your “Soap du Jour”?


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