4 Easy Steps To Create a Half-Moon Manicure


Perhaps your grandmother wore red nail polish, but it was never like this. The half-moon mani seen on celebrities and catwalks around the world gives scarlet lacquer an instant upgrade…and nail artist Miss Pop from Elle magazine will show you how to get the look in just four steps.

 Step 1

Apply a base coat, then place a paper hole reinforcement at the top of your nail so that about 25 percent of it is covered. “Be sure to press down on each corner of the sticker by your cuticle so that it fully adheres to the nail,” says Miss Pop.


Step 2

Paint each nail with one coat of deep crimson polish.


Step 3

Focusing on one nail at a time, paint on a second coat of polish, then immediately lift off the sticker reinforcement. The sticker may have lifted in the process and your line might not be as crisp as you’d like. No need to fret just yet!


Step 4

To clean up, you’ll need an old eye shadow brush or a flat brush with a tapered tip that you can pick up at a craft store. Dip the brush in nail polish remover and wiggle it along the edge of the half-moon till the curve is tidied up to perfection. “It’s better to wait to do this clean-up step when the polish has had a couple of minutes to set and is still tacky, but not completely dry,” advises Miss Pop.


 Final Look

Et voilà! Seal your look with a top coat and add cuticle oil for the poshest and most pristine digits.


Thank you for reading my blog. 😊

Have you tried this nail look yet?


8 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps To Create a Half-Moon Manicure

  1. i’ve always wondered how & when to lift up tape when applying nail polish…. it always gets messy, and it never occured to me that i needed to clean up! LOL!! Thanks for the tip!

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