An Eyelash Sweater Love Affair

After recently purchasing my first eyelash knit sweater (from Forever 21, here), I now confess that I am completely obsessed with these types of sweaters which are now popping up everywhere! The new texture in town is eyelash and its now become my luxe fall/winter must-have item to snuggle in because it’s super soft, fuzzy, cozy material and lightweight stretch—looks great in any fashionable sweater silhouette.

The correct term is called eyelash yarn (also known as fun fur yarn), the novelty material is characterized by wispy strands that look like eyelashes coming off of it, and has also been known to have a luxurious angora-like texture and appearance. The added texture elevates the look and will definitely prove you are a fashion plate to be admired.

So yesterday, I ended up purchasing my second eyelash sweater from a department store called The Bay. As I was browsing the DEX brand sweater collections, I immediately saw this one and fell in love. And let me add, it was a steal—regular price was $39, and I got it for $19.50!!! Totally meant to be:)




Here are some more of my favorite fuzzies I’m drooling over…So go on!—give your winter outfits a tactile finish with any of these playful eyelash knit sweaters.

Textured Open Knit Pullover, Tildon,$75.38 (in 3 colors: black, pink and white)




Animal Pattern Textured Pullover, Raga, $53.21


Fuzzy Boxy Contrast Pullover, Elizabeth and James, $437.89


Textured Heart Sweater, Robbi & Nikki, $97.55


The Fuzzy Feline Tunic Sweater, POL, $53


The Full Bloom Fuzzy Sweater, POL, $53


Fuzz Intarsia Sweater, GUESS, $67.31


Thank you for reading my blog.๐Ÿ˜Š

Love or hate these sweaters?


11 thoughts on “An Eyelash Sweater Love Affair

  1. wow, they all look really comfy. are they all synthetic materials? after all the news coverage recently about how terrible angora harvesting is (with the rabbit screaming in pain, it’s quite horrific to watch or hear), I’d like to stay away from that stuff.

    • Yes, they are synthetic (100% polyester). My gosh, I never knew that about the process of angora. I’m sick to my stomach. I will never lust for angora again. I’m comforted knowing that my eyelash sweaters are all man-made๐Ÿ˜Š

      • I never wore angora anyway because of my weird allergies but now that I know the process that we go through to get the fur, I’ll stay away from it permanently. Apparently not all angora collection is inhumane but how can you make sure?

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