Christmas Decor Galore!

The Christmas tree is up, I’ve managed to post all my Christmas cards and I’ve managed to finish 100% of my Christmas shopping including every single little thing on each of the kid’s wish list. Whew! *~sigh of relief~*

As I was shopping around yesterday, I noticed that this year— prices have been slashed way, way, way lower than last year pre-Christmas. I went to Sears and JYSK and was stupified to see that ALL Christmas decorations/lighting and wrapping paper/ribbons/cards were suddenly slashed up to 80% off!!! That’s like Boxing Day Clearance mode! So I did what any smart, savvy, price-conscious, stay-ahead-of-the-game shopper would do…I bought MORE holiday decorations because you can never have too much! Take a look (especially at the ridiculous prices I paid!):

Ribbon Eggs $1.20 per box of 4 (reg. price $3.99)


24 Shatterproof Round Ornaments $2.99 (reg. price $9.99)


Glittered Starburst Ornaments $1.20 each (reg. price $3.99)


Mini 12″ inch Tree $2.99 (reg. price $9.99)


30 LED Light Microdot $2.99 (reg. price $9.99)


18 Christmas Cards $2.40 (reg. price $7.99)


Mini White Feather Tree $1.00 (reg. price $7.99)


Feather Ornament Ball Duo with LED lights $1.00 (reg. price $9.99)


Miniature Glittered Glass Animal Ornaments $1.00 per box of 4 (reg. price $6.99)


Glitter Deco Tree $1.00 (reg. price 6.99)


Finished look of microdot lights on mini trees



Finished look of miniature glass animals on tree


My 11-month-old babe’s FIRST time on a Rocking Moose from Ikea—-PRICELESS:)


Hope you all have yourselves a very Merry Little Christmas…let your heart be light:)

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Do holiday decorations/ornaments rev up your Christmas mood?


9 thoughts on “Christmas Decor Galore!

  1. Oh Mathieu!!!!! Too handsome! Love everything you got. I have some glass balls with feathers too. Were the microdot lights at Jysk or Sears?

    • You should’ve seen him! He was totally rockin’ it out! I got the microdot lights at Sears—I’m so upset because they are all sold out now at Garden City. Will have to check Polo Park. I’m blown away by the beautiful ornaments and decos here at Sears!!!!😍😍😍

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