Christmas Cheer Highlights

Christmas is concluded for another year. The children’s carols are sung, the programs are over, and we are all partied out. There is a vacant spot under the tree where gifts used to reside. Presents have been presented and all the labor spent in wrapping them so prettily was torn away in just a few moments of excitement. Now the fancy paper and ribbons either dwell in a trash receptacle or are waiting to be recycled. Christmas dinner has been consumed and the leftovers have found their way into the refrigerator. Stockings are empty, their contents having been dumped out among all the other Christmas bounty.

Now that Christmas has come and gone for another year…it’s on to the New Year…where does the time go??Β Trust your Christmas was also full of sweet memories and you were surrounded by those you love.

Here are some highlights of our Christmas cheer. We have been so blessed this year!


Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What were your holiday highlights?


9 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer Highlights

  1. Holiday highlights…everyone gathered around the hearth sipping hot cider/hot chocolate and watching movies for about a week! Peaceful, blissful, wonderful! Love your pictures…how sweet is that?!!!! πŸ˜€ Happy New Years to you and your family!

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