December 2013 Empties


I know, I should’ve posted posted this last month in 2013, but never got around to it since the holiday season was upon us:)  Anyways, the month of December has left me with a hodge-podge of my favorite and not-so-favorite empty products. Can’t wait to either get them repurchased or replaced with something else in 2014 (hee hee).  So let’s get started!

Bioderma Sensibio H20


– I’ve lovingly mentioned and reviewed this time and time again (here, here, here), because I absolutely LOVE this! Hands-down, the best makeup remover and cleanser all rolled into one. Holy grail material. ‘Nuff said.

Schwarzkopf Göt2b Rockin’ It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo


– Does an ok job of absorbing oils and freshening up my hair, but I do not like the powdery residue it leaves behind (previously reviewed here). Glad to have finally finished it though, because now I can go back to my original two faves: Batiste and Kevin Murphy!

Ojon Hair Revitalizing Mist


– Haven’t reviewed this yet, but I can tell you that I have been religiously using this for almost 6 years now. Full of oh-so-good-for-your-hair nutrients—it’s a leave-in spray conditioner that detangles, rehydrates and refreshes hair to leave your hair feeling so healthy! Suffice it to say, I need a new bottle A.S.A.P! Will definitely have to do a full review on this, someday soon but in the meantime, I do highly recommend this:)

B Com Bio Organic Smoothing Serum


– Another favorite of mine, which I’ve reviewed here. I’ve used this serum for over 7 months now, and I have to say that the power of hyaluronic acid has definitely kept my skin moisturized, firmed and has even improved my skin tone. I wish I could repurchase this immediately, but I can’t, since it was a gift from my fairy-mother-in-law in France. I have yet to find this anywhere in Canada.

Lancôme Bi-facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover (deluxe sample)


– When it comes to removing my eye makeup, this stuff ROCKS! It is very gentle on the eye area—no rubbing, no irritation—eye makeup is easily removed with one swipe. It is also excellent at removing little mistakes while applying eye makeup as it does not affect the application. I’ve actually never had to purchase a bottle because I’ve always received them as bonus gifts from Lancôme GWP events. Would definitely repurchase if I had to.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you tried any of these products?


14 thoughts on “December 2013 Empties

  1. I absolutely LOVE Ojon Hair products!!! I have not tried the revitalizing mist yet, so I will definitely have to add it to my wishlist, for the next time I make a Sephora run 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. I love Lancôme! 🙂 I have yet to try the makeup remover though! I will have to put that on my wishlist!

  3. I’m also a huge fan of the Lancôme Bi-facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover and Bioderma micellaire water…. they’re the best products for removing makeup. Holy grail for me 🙂

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