Post-Holiday Winter Plans: Relax, Rest and Recover in Cute & ‘Mom’ Cozy Loungewear


Winter. Blizzard. Freezing temps. New Year. January 2014…whatever the reason…there are days we never venture outside. And in the winter, these days can start to pile up. Contending with cabin fever is bad enough, but too many days spent in pajamas and no-makeup?  The Horror. Not for me, I’m rejoicing for snow days and the holiday break!

Post Christmas, NYE and Winter temperature recovery make for the perfect excuse to wear pajamas or lounge wear in the days that follow and not feel an ounce of guilt about it. Just because you’re chilling out at home doesn’t mean you have to look like a total slob or feel frumpy. I’m a happier trapped-in-the-house-mom when I’m wearing cute loungewear with a bit of blush and a tinted lip balm.

To me, the best loungewear is simple, airy and washable; bonus points for anything wearable for everyday. I’m all about pajamas in public paired with stronger pieces like leather skinnies and beat-up boots, especially in freezing cold-don’t-feel-like-getting-dressed weather.


1. A vintage pajama set: I love this clean, classic pajama set and would totally wear the top outside of the my house under a blazer or slouchy cardigan.

2. A cute little kimino: Throw this robe over a pair of shorts and a tank for around the house or layer it over a little dress for a night out.

3. Cute little lounge shorts: There’s no reason to spend on boxers when there are so many cute, flattering inexpensive ones like these. I love having a pair of cheap, comfy shorts that you don’t have to feel guilty about only wearing at home.

4. A sweet embroidered tank: This tank looks really delicate, but it’s actually machine washable. It works with everything from leggings and little shorts to worn-in jeans and skirts.

5. A star printed teddy: Perfect for a lazy HBO on the couch marathon or weekend errands topped with an oversized boyfriend cardigan/blazer and UGG boots.

It’s always nice to feel cute and cozy while relaxing which makes these loungewear and pajama ideas mandatory for nestling next to the fire with a fuzzy blanket. Printed leggings, sleep shirts, oversized sweaters/sweatshirts and soft tees – what comfort-loving gal would say no to those?




It’s starting to snow…again. I know I shouldn’t complain – Canadian winters come with mandatory snow, right? And besides, I have my hot chocolate ready to go, my blush, and cute loungewear.  I love when a day indoors feels luxurious, not depressing. If only I could figure out how to take a bubble bath while the baby is sleeping…..yeeeaaah….that’s soooo not gonna happen.

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What do you lounge around in when you’re kickin’ it at home? Does having a significant other around affect how you dress? What’s your favorite awful loungewear item?


12 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Winter Plans: Relax, Rest and Recover in Cute & ‘Mom’ Cozy Loungewear

  1. Only you can make being trapped indoors fashionable!!
    My favorite awful lounge wear are ‘dusters’ from the Philippines. They are awful, because the hubby laughs at me when I wear them, but it’s my favorite, because no matter what I do in the house I don’t get hot or cold and it’s also my favorite, because it’s from Tita Senyang!!
    Nanay had some very stylish dusters!

    • Lol! Ah, those dusters will never be out of style! Nanay wore them well. I remember a bright red floral one she wore which was my favorite on her😊 My favorite awful loungewear were these grey crop sweat pants I wore since before Ruby all the way to after Guillaume. They got so holey, ripped and stretchy, Eric would make fun of me, but I loved them ‘coz they were so comfortable. Had to get rid of them eventually because they fell apart but I have never did find a replacement to rival them😩

    • Lol…I feel the same way. My maternity leave ends soon, and I will have to get back to the work force😩 but I’m sure in no time, we’ll get back in the swing of things😉 happy New Year to you too!🎉🎈💫

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