Another Exciting Eyelash Tunic Sweater Find

The other day, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found another Dex eyelash tunic sweater on clearance at The Bay.


This one is different from my other eyelash sweaters because it’s like a mixture of chenille yarn with eyelash yarn combined for the most luxurious feel and texture—the ultimate super comfy throw-over-leather-skinnies-jeans-or-leggings tunic sweater. It seriously feels like I’m enveloped in a warm little blanket.


It was a dream steal at $17.55 (reg. price $39). It’s actually similar in style to another sweater I previously purchased, here.


I haven’t worn it yet, but I can’t wait to throw this on! Funny, how a simple, chunky knit sweater can get me so excited!

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What is your favourite type of sweater?


17 thoughts on “Another Exciting Eyelash Tunic Sweater Find

    • Technically called eyelash yarn, the novelty material is characterized by textured wispy strands that look like eyelashes coming off of it or, in some cases, take on a fuzzy, angora-like texture and look. I’m sure you seen them popping up in stores…can’t get enough of them:)

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