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I always like reading and partaking in the odd tag, especially those that praise and acknowledge our favorite bloggers—from the Leibster Award and the Shine On Award, to a whole list of others, every tag or nomination award is driven by our genuine desire to spread happiness and good vibes to our community/circle of fellow bloggers.

Now this particular  “Spread the Love” tag was created by the lovely Brittany of The Beauty Deputy—whose point for this tag is to make other bloggers aware of other blogs to follow and eventually spread the love to all bloggers in the world. So let’s spread the love. Support one another. Let’s vibe!

The Rules

  • Place bloggers into categories that you think fits their blog down below.
  • Place the person who tagged you into a category.
  • Which category do you think other bloggers will choose for you? Tell us why.
  • Feel free to add any categories which you think should be part of this tag.

Here are the categories…

1. THE BEST BLOG LOOKThis is the blogger that has one of the best blog themes or looks. 

The experience I get whenever I read Kellie’s blog, le zoe musings: its like flipping through my favorite beauty, fashion & lifestyle magazine. Its a great space that could “become your daily retreat for simple ideas, inspirations, and reads about anything baby, food, designs and random musings”. I totally enjoy tuning into her blog!

2. THE BEST WRITING STYLE: this is the blogger that has a writing style that you find intriguing and attention getting.

Allison Marie of Long and Luxe has a wonderful lifestyle blog which she has definitely succeeded in being “empowering, expressive and refreshing”. Her inspirational writing has a style all its own and she shares posts that are true to life and uplifting. Her blog always leaves a positive impact on me.

3. THE FAITHFUL BLOGGER: This is the blogger that is always commenting on other bloggers posts and is very faithful on posting their own blog posts.

Not only is she incredibly faithful to her own blog, Holly from Beauty Vancouver always shares great posts on beauty products and jewelry, but she also puts so much effort into following up and catching up on the recent posts of everyone she follows. I am especially humbled everytime she sends a LIKE my way and even more when she sends me her uplifting messages.

4. THE ADVISOR: This blogger is always trying out new products and a good blogger to ask advice regarding a product.

Natalie of Natzi’s Stash always has the best advice regarding cosmetics she has tried. Love her makeup look posts, tutorials. and also her product reviews—they are all so inspiring and she always looks gorgeous, that girl!

5. THE MAKEUP JUNKIE: This blogger loves makeup and everything about it.

Linda from Silverkis’ World is a self-professed “makeup junkie”. I absolutely enjoy all her cosmetic and beauty rambles from the latest makeup products to skincare products. She always succeeds to draw me in with her latest beauty obsessions and I’m guaranteed to start lusting over her latest makeup finds!

6. THE SKINCARE JUNKIE: This blogger is all about skincare.

Libby of Splishsplasch always provides the best high quality skincare reviews—so much so, that I always want to try everything she touches! One of my favorite  reads are her “Empties”—which lets me have a peek at what she’s already tried and what she decides is worth repurchasing. I love following her!<3

7.  THE BEST PICTURES: The blogger always has high quality pictures.

Not only does Kate from Maison Bentley Style have a cool chic blog, but she  includes brilliant photos of ultra gorgeous aesthetically pleasing fashions—and that also includes the sweet candid pics of her beautiful children just enjoying being kids:)

8. THE LIGHT BULB: This blogger is always coming up with amazing new ideas for blog posts. 

Christina of lifebeinggirly always writes compelling and engaging blog posts which I just love to tune into! And as she herself puts it so well, she is a “real, charismatic, personable, Girly girl who is trying to make something of myself in this world”—she sure is! And I love that she loves Hello Kitty too!<3

9. THE EYESHADOW TUTORIAL GURU: This blogger is always posting new and exciting makeup looks.

If you’re looking for new ideas and techniques for your eye makeup, then you will enjoy reading Amriaa’s blog. Maria is an amazing makeup artist and all her looks are so very inspirational. She is never limited to just the basic eyeshadow colors, she pretty much has shown every eyeshadow shade under the rainbow. I especially love it when she does makeup tutorials on Monster High doll looks—so fun!

I also love, love, love, MissVanilly’s eye makeup tutorials of my beautiful daydream. Her eye looks are stunning and so sexy!


I always rely on hair tutorial gurus to give me a little inspiration if I need ideas—making certain day hair sessions a little less stressful. From go-to-hairdo’s to hair looks of the day Kiss and Make-Me-Up always has my favorite sexy, free flowing, healthy hair posts.

11. THE NAIL POLISH GURU: this blogger is posting nail polish tutorials.

I always love reading nail posts by Jacqui of Craftynail. She never fails to “whip up some cool craftiness” on nail care, nail polish and amazingly cute nail designs.

Nail Luxxe is also a favorite of mine too. Always so chic and so inspiring!

12. THE HIGHLY FASHIONABLE OOTDs: this blogger has a big sense of fashion and has amazing OOTDs.

I’m always inspired by Michelle’s OOTD posts on her Black and White Makes Grey blog. Her innate sense of fashion translates to an effortlessly chic look which is seen through snapshots of her OOTD fashion-magazine-like-posts. I want to be her BFF so I can borrow her clothes.

I’m also inspired by The Fashion Huntress‘ OOTD posts whose mission is to seek quality fashion at the perfect price—and boy, she has definitely made her mark in the fashion realm. She has fashion spunk, fierce creativity and hunts out the most amazingly priced pieces. I want to be her BFF so I can go shopping with her.

13. THE EMERGER: This blogger is always trying out new brands and doesn’t settle for just one.

Flabs Rule the World! Love reading her posts about her latest hauls or latest additions to her every growing makeup collection. Always tempting and always to the point, I feel like I’m living through her when it comes to trying out new brands:)

I really enjoy Jess’s blog Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend which really speaks to my inner “budget within beauty” side. I frequent drugstores a lot and I have grown to really like some good quality brand drugstore makeup products. She also gives great dupe tips, totally worth trying.

14. THE UNIQUE BLOGGER NAME: this is the blogger that has a very unique blogger name.

I have to say, this one goes to Oxygen Your Style—the tagline is “Fashion is how breathe when I need air: a philosophical reflection on fashion with heavenly beautiful & inspirational pictures”. This unique blogger name conveys the concept of breathing fresh air and life into your wardrobe, your lifestyle, or even your outlook on style/fashion.

Every woman’s wardrobe needs a breath of fresh air as she moves through the seasons, and her own life story. I’ve read a lot of posts in the fashion blogosphere, and Oxygen Your Style is one blog space where you can collect great post concepts and ideas to potentially create your own wardrobe revival.

Chu of Through The Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole also has a great blog title that totally catches your attention—love to read all her musings about ice cream, desserts and her little Tokyo adventures. She’s so wickedly sharp and clever, and her writing style has a light, humerous side to it too!

15. THE UNIQUE TAGLINE: this blogger has a tagline that catches the attention and draws you in.

Jess’s tagline for her Dupes Are A Girl’s Best Friend blog totally resonates with my beauty budget side: “Budget is the new black—Beauty has it’s costs”. I will always  love a good beauty bargain!

16. THE SUBSCRIPTION BOX GURU: The blogger who has the most information on subscription boxes.

This one goes to Judy of Beautyburgh. Her Glossybox hauls and reviews leave me wanting more out of this subscription box guru. Since I haven’t yet taken the plunge into the beauty subscription box world, you could say that I live vicariously through Judy’s subscriptions.

The Category that I think other bloggers will give me…

Maybe, The Lightbulb category? I draw inspiration from all kinds of resources and experiences, so I like to blog about all my passions and everything in between from new and upcoming beauty/fashion trends, makeup reviews, shopping hauls—I like to keep my readers engaged and inspired, which I hope I do:)

Whether it’s a little comment left for a fellow blogger or even a ‘Like’, spreading love and gratitude is a beautiful thing.

I hope you all try this tag soon. Just promise me one thing: You will embrace gratitude and spread a little bit of love today.


xo Angie

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

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