A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Black Sweaters…

With the foundation of any wardrobe, you can never have too many fabulously chic black sweaters in your closet. At least that’s what I kept telling myself when I was out shopping last weekend (hee hee).


And to think, I was just about to leave the store (The Bay) empty handed—until I did a twice over this particular clearance rack and stumbled upon a DKNY sweater with faux leather cuff which was just hanging there, waiting for me! So I went back to the dressing room a second time, and tried it on just for size (knowing I was going to buy it, anyways).


Loved that it was already a clearance item with an additional 40% off! So here’s the breakdown:

Regular price: $79.50

Sale price + additional 40% off: $34 !!!—Now how’s that for a bargain?

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What’s your latest bargain steal?


8 thoughts on “A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Black Sweaters…

  1. I love finding bargains as well! I recently found some clearance tops at j crew that I was ecstatic about. Love that sweater you found tho. Great find!!!


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