Just Another MAC Huggable Lipcolour

If you don’t know by now, I’ve just been recently obsessed with MAC’s limited-edition of their Huggable Lipcolours. I first sung praises about it here. But after buying my first one, the MAC associate informed me that it was discountinued in Canada. My immediate reaction was: “Why God, why?” I’m sure I’m not the only makeup fanatic around the world who let out a collective cry when MAC pulled the plug on their Huggable Lipcolours.


There is nothing like discovering a beauty product that you absolutely adore. Whether it’s a great waterproof mascara, hair style cream or perfume, there are few items I would give a “perfect 10”—and for me this always happens with lipsticks. So when you find your favorite beauty product, I’ve learned from experience that you should seriously stock up because we know how quickly they may be discontinued.

Early this week, with thoughts of my beloved Huggable Lipcolours now drifted into discontinued territory, I happened to make my way to another MAC counter to see if they had any leads on locating another one—and to my wonderful surprise the MAC associate was able to locate another shade at another MAC downtown location!!!

She called and placed it on hold for me and so without further ado, here is my newest MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Touché!



Touché is described as a “soft nude beige” with a creamy luminous shine.


When applied to my lips it looks more like a sheer peachy-pink nude which I just think is just divine. It has a semi-opaque color coverage which also gives off a MLBB (my-lips-but-better) look—perfect paired with a smokey eye. The color is still as smooth as ever and it does not wash out olive skin tones.


So glad to have added this to my ever-so-mini MAC Huggable Lipcolour collection. Still on the hunt for more shades!

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

If you could bring back one discontinued beauty product, What would it be?


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