Shoe Shopping Spree Haul

Just wanted to share with you my latest purchases from my shoe clearance shopping spree. 

First up, I’m so excited about my first pair of animal print booties! Check out my Nine West Leopard Print Wedge Booties. Got these lovelies from The Bay, at a bargain-can’t-pass-up steal:

Reg. $190
Sale. $95
additional 50% off: $47.50

These next booties, I ended up with by accident. My 8 yr old daughter dragged me to the Urban Planet store for some new spring sweaters—and we ended up getting footwear to boot! (Hee, hee…to boot, get it?!) The store had a shoe promo of Buy 1, Get 2 Free. My daughter could only find two pairs that she really liked, so I ended up with these to make up for the third pair!

Urban Planet Cut Out Booties
Reg. $35
Promo – Buy 1, Get 2 Free

My daughter chose these two cute little Doc Marten-like booties.

So if you think about, I only paid $11.66 per pair! Another bargain hunting day well spent!

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you shopped any clearance sales lately? Any great finds?


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