Latest ASOS Haul


I just can’t get enough of online shopping on ASOS. I frequent their website on a daily basis and do just what their motto says: “discover fashion online”. It was like Christmas day for me yesterday, when the mailman delivered my most recent ASOS haul. Here’s what I got!

Tassel Knit Snood in Black ($9.49 CAD)


Sheer Stripe Ankle Socks in Natural ($4.22 CAD)


Bird Charm Necklace ($6.33 CAD)


Fulton Minilite Leopard Print Umbrella ($10.55 CAD)


ASOS Leather Ankle Boots


Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Do you shop the ASOS online website?



8 thoughts on “Latest ASOS Haul

  1. I’ve definitely browsed ASOS before and I do love their stuff, but I totally agree with Sophie, it’s dangerous so I try to stay away haha! Also, I loooove those booties – super cute! 🙂

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