Sally Hershberger Major Body Volumizing Style Boost


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Sally Hershberger’s hairspray (here), hoping for a miracle to my lifeless flat hair and boy, was I in for a treat! How I just recently found out about this product blows my mind because I wish I had this in my life sooner. 

A revolutionary touch-activated weightless volumizing hair spray. First to market water-free formula with quick dry results, gives flexible buildable volume without residue.

Thickens hair without weighing it down. Use your fingertips to build and shape body. The result is totally touchable hair with bounce and movement. 

– Major body √ 
– Volumizing style boost √
– Get instant volume √
– All day flexible style √
– Flexible volume for all hair types √

Copolymer (provides hold and volume); dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, and panthenol (condition)

This aerosol spray isn’t sticky or heavy, dries quickly, and has virtually no discernible scent.

It gives hair major movement without heavy residue or the dreaded crunchiness which I can’t stand. I’ve never used a dry hairspray before because all I’ve ever used are wet ones. I mean, think of it—water & humidity weigh hair down. So this product is genius!

The trick is to spray this into your roots with your head turned upside down (as Sally always suggests)…and whoa!!!—talk about instant lift & extra body! Check out the video in my previous post.

The more you work the product into the hair, the bigger the style gets and because the hairspray is dry, it doesn’t weigh down the hair no matter how much you spray on. And because it isn’t wet or sticky, even if you reapply it during the day, rest assured there is no build-up. I usually just do a couple of spritzes in the morning and my hair is fine all day. 

I love, love, love this product—so YES! It will be a permanent staple in my hair care collection. 

Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Have you already tried any of Sally Hershberger’s products?


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