Hop, Skip and Jump Stylishly Into Summer!


Fashion’s one-piece wonder—the playsuit and jumpsuit!—look instantly polished and put together. Playsuits and jumpsuits are an easy-to-wear style solution to create a fun and relaxed and effortless daytime look on scorching days or a sophisticated evening outfit. Playsuits, the shorter style of the two, are fantastic paired with flat sandals or flip flops for a summer day while jumpsuits come in a longer style and look pretty sexy with a pair of high heels.

I’ve fallen head over heels with ALL these pieces from Club Monaco—they totally perfect the sports luxe look and transform your summer day-to-night wardrobe. Jump To It!


Alena Printed Jumper


Lola Jumper


Ruth Jumper


Bretta Jumper


Kendra Crepe Jumper


Lyn Long-Sleeved Jumper


Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Will you be making space in your wardrobe for these playsuits and jumpsuits this summer?



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