My First Adult Pair of CONVERSE Chuck Taylors

Back in my day growing up, I fondly remember wearing Converse runners in high school in both high-cuts and low-cuts in black and natural beige with my skinny jeans. Funny how the fashion cycle works because that retro sporty look is back in style (although I don’t think Converse sneakers EVER went out of style).


Fast forward to today, they’ve attracted a whole new generation and are offered in an array of colors, washes, materials and styles—this way there’s a Converse for everyone! There are so many out there to choose from, it’s mind blowing. I’ve even seen pink sequined toddler sized ones too! Now that’s as girly-girl as you can get!

I actually fell in love with these Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Floral Print slip on sneakers about a couple of months ago at The Bay but at the time, did not purchase them. After that first encounter, I just couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I went back about a week later and they were gone! Anyways I hated myself for not having snapped them up when I had the chance, but I eventually got over it.




I was at The Bay just recently, and noticed an extra 25% off the clearance shoes, so I decided to go check it out. As I was browsing the Converse section, guess what appeared from nowhere! Yes, it was the very pair staring right at me! AND they were on clearance! Original price $60—reduced to $28.50. We were meant to be together!

What are your thoughts on Converse? Do you own a pair?


4 thoughts on “My First Adult Pair of CONVERSE Chuck Taylors

  1. I have always loved Converse – from my very first pair of high-tops in elementary school, through high school and definitely to this day! I wear my Converse constantly. I favor the low cut version now, and also my current favorite pair are a pale lilac color, but I still have several pairs haha! 🙂

  2. I love my converse shoes, I have the standard grey ones. They are my go-to shoes. I really love the pair you picked up, they are so cute.

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