An Irresistible Bargain


I’m so ecstatic today, I almost feel like I won the lottery! (maybe I’m over-exaggerating)…

I have been coveting this particular modern iconic Rachel Roy draped dress for several years now (oh, let’s say about 3 yrs). It has a wrap style front with a V-neckline, elastic drop waist, ruching, two front draped pockets at the hip, and it just hits at mid-thigh. I have always loved the style and look of this dress.

The reason I have never purchased it is because I never could justify paying $109 CAD for it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s made of top quality jersey fabric and the design is just gorgeous—I am and forever will be a huge fan of Rachel Roy’s designs.

All these years I’ve always just lovingly admired it from afar hoping to one day have the courage to fork up the $109. But today, the stars must have aligned and made this the day for me!


I was at The Bay (by now, you should know this is my favorite department store) and saw my coveted dress in the CLEARANCE rack of all places! It was reduced to 65% off, so it was priced at $49.05!!! The dress is finally mine, YAY!


Thanks for reading my blog. 😊

Do you have an accessible designer piece you’re currently coveting?


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