Love Me KNOT: Ode To My Favorite Knotted Shirt Trend


If you vividly and fondly remember the 90′s like I do for its unique take on the trends introduced in the 1980s, the tie front shirt trend returning will feel like a bit of a déjà vu…a “knotty” déjà vu (no pun intended). However, seeing that everything 90′s is trendy again (which I couldn’t be more happier about!), this trend popping up does not surprise me at all. Because of its fun, youthful and totally cute style, it’s no wonder this trend has become so iconic and keeps coming back in fashion right from the 1950’s till now.


I’ve never really been a fan of tucking my shirts or blouses in—I’ve always opted for the knotted front shirt because it just looks so good on so many levels. Knotting has advantages:

  • Adds structure to a boxy garment
  • Creates the looks of a relaxed cinched waist
  • Shortens the length of a shirt
  • Shortens a long waist
  • Adds a casual vibe to an outfit
  • Provides a tucked or semi-tucked look sans the tucking
  • More comfortable than a structured jacket
  • Reveals skin
  • Looks retro
  • Disguises that pooch (my favorite advantage of all!)—Add a knot and some strategic placement and all of a sudden, the ruching and knotting distract from the pudge and you can make your shirt as fitted or loose as you feel comfortable.

If you’re feeling like you want to embrace this trend again, here are some great looks to show you a few ways you can embrace the knotted front shirt trend. Oh yeah, and the bonus tip: tie front shirts can be paired with almost anything from pleated and pencil skirts to shorts to skinny jeans or anything highwaisted to being wrapped over a maxi dress! Thanks for the 90’s comeback:)














Thank you for reading my blog.😊

What do you think of knotted button ups? Do you ever knot your shirts and blouses at the waist?


4 thoughts on “Love Me KNOT: Ode To My Favorite Knotted Shirt Trend

  1. Wow, you make such a compelling case for knotting blouses, I might be convinced to try this more!! I only have one designated knotted blouse but I love all of this amazing inspiration, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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