Sneak Attack! Hightops, Lowtops, and Slip-Ons, Oh My!: Master the Sneaker Trend


Good news for your feet: Sneakers are everywhere this fall (excuse me while I let out a little squeal of joy!). Fashion insiders and celebs alike are rocking stylized athletic shoes with their chicest outfits, making them an essential fall trend—proving that sneakers are no longer just for the gym. And while gym shoes have been popular for decades with urban fashion sets, high-end fashion designers from across the world are embracing the trend.

With an abundance of styles in store right now, it might seem daunting to find a pair that’s right for you. From hightops, to lowtops, to slip-ons, here are some of my favorite sneakers styles to try.

1. Classic Tennis Shoes

These old-school but sleek sneakers are just right for any season. They look great with a structured pencil skirt and comfy sweatshirt, but the all-white version is excellent for warm-weather outfits too. Think of them as the ideal summer-to-fall transition sneaker. Oh, and a little tip: If the style you like comes only in men’s sizes, just go a size or two down.

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-1

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-2

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, $75,

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-3

Puma GV Special sneakers, $65,

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-4

Nike Capri III sneakers, $60,

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-5

Reebok Classic Lady Duchess sneakers, $39,

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-6

Saint Laurent Court Classic sneakers, $575,

sneaker trend-tennis-fall2014-7

Lacoste Carnaby sneakers, $85,

2. Real-Deal Trainers

Running shoes have been reimagined in a multitude of bright color combos, bold patterns, and prints so cool you can’t help but want to wear them with your favorite cozy sweaters and fall skirts. These new styles will add an unexpected twist to your outfit and your workouts—now that’s my kind of sporty chic!

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-1

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-2

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-3


sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-4

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-5

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-6

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-7

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-8

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-9

New Balance 890v3 sneakers, $110,

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-10

Nike Air Max Thea, $90,

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-11

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 sneakers, $120,

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-12

Adidas Adipure Crazy Quick sneakers, $100,

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-13

Supra Owen sneakers, $80,

sneaker trend-trainers-fall2014-14

Nike Roshe Run 2.0 sneakers, $90,

3. Slip-On Sneakers

Nothing says “effortless cool” like a slip-on sneaker. There’s that whole California skater vibe, plus the simple rubber sole is a sporty upgrade to your favorite flats.

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-1

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-2

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-3

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-4

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-5

ASOS Dialog sneakers, $48,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-6

Steve Madden Eccentrcf sneakers, $60,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-7

ASOS dockland sneakers, $38,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-8

Tory Burch Jesse sneakers, $205,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-9

Markus Lupfer Oui sneakers, $290,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-10

Loeffler Randall Irini sneakers, $295,

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-11

Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Slip-On Sneaker, $295

sneaker trend-slip-ons-fall2014-12

Stella McCartney Chunky Snake-Print Skate Shoe, $470

4. Retro Running Shoes

Back in the day, this was how running shoes looked. You can still run in these retro styles, but with suede accents and fun new designs from brands like Kenzo, don’t be surprised if you see them paired with a monochromatic suit or your favorite trousers instead. Or like my girl Rihanna, with sweat pants and a fur coat.

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-1 sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-2 sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-3 sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-4

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-5

New Balance Classics sneakers, $70,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-6

Puma TX-3 sneakers, $125,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-7

Saucony Jazz Original sneakers, $53,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-8

Kenzo sneakers, $335,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-9

KangaRoos Revival sneakers, $60,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-10

Valentino Rockstud sneakers, $645,

sneaker trend-retro-fall2014-12

New Balance Green/Orange 574 Stadium Jacket Trainers, $135.43

5. Hightop Sneakers

Not since my teen years have hightops been so crucial to my wardrobes.  After seeing them paired with this long, floaty Valentino skirt, I’m inspired to wear hightops with way more than just jeans!

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-1 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-2 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-3 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-4 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-5 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-6 sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-7

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-8

Reebok Lifestyle vintage-inspired sneakers, $70,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-9

Supra Skytop sneakers, $152,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-10

Vans SK8-Hi Reissue sneakers, $65,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-11

Comme les Garçons Play Pro Star sneakers, $140,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-12

Nike Blazer sneakers, $100,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-13

Marc Jacob sneakers, $545,

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-14

Isabel Marant Bekett printed canvas and suede concealed wedge sneakers, $640

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-15

Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Calfskin High-Top Sneaker, Black Multi, $1,095

sneaker trend-hightops-fall2014-16

Prada Linea Rossa Nylon Zip-Side Sneaker, Nero, $690


Thank you for reading my blog.😊

Had it up to here with high heels that pinch, cramp, blister and burn those feet of yours? Wish designers would just toss out the stilettos in favor of comfy sneakers – even with a fancy skirt or gown?

This is your season.



22 thoughts on “Sneak Attack! Hightops, Lowtops, and Slip-Ons, Oh My!: Master the Sneaker Trend

  1. Now you are most definitely speakin’ my language – it is easy to admit that I am sneaker obsessed! I easily wear sneakers/tennis shoes more than any other type of footwear haha! I love them ALL!!! 😉

  2. Love the slip on sneakers but, I always feel like I’m gonna look like a granny– even though they look so chic on other bloggers. I’m gonna have to break down and give ’em a try anyway.
    Converse are my go-to sneaker. I could wear them every day in every color and ALWAYS buy them for my kids. Great post… It’s got me thinkin’ up outfit ideas! 😉

    • So glad you enjoyed the read…I could go on forever about my love for sneakers. Back in my high school days, all I ever wore were sneakers So I’m extra stoked that they’ve come back in full force, and worn with just about anything you want!

      • Me too, that and DM’s. I grew up in one of the rough neighbourhoods in the UK where all teenagers wore designer trainers to prove they were someone, so when I left school I kinda hated them, ha! Glad they are just considered normal and fun in 2014 :0)

  3. This was such an awesome post!!! 😀 I bought a colorful pair of Nike few months back and I want to wear it with everything, haha. Loved the compilation!! ❤ And right now I want to buy all of these shoes!! ._. xx

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